A Brave New World

Writer(s) Ausbrony
Date published May 16th, 2014
Words 387,318
Status ongoing
Type/genre Romance Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Part of A New World, a New Way universe
Based on Pokemon
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A Brave New World is written by Ausbrony which takes place in Canterlot and features Seth Crescent, an infamous Pokemon Trainer along with Apple Fritter, along with his Slyveon, Rika and formers gym Leader Elsa who is now an Ampharos.


Seth Crescent, an infamous Pokemon Trainer is suddenly whisked away from his home in Unova to a strange world filled with pastel-coloured ponies. Confused, lost and wondering where the rest of his precious partners have gone, the human-turned-Pokemon is rescued by Apple Fritter, a kind Earth Pony living in Canterlot.

She takes him in and offers Seth a place to stay while he finds the rest of his friends. Action, adventure and romance await as Equestria and the world of Pokemon are intertwined.