A New Dimension, A New Threat

Writer(s) ZeroChill
Date published May 9th, 2015
Words 281,510
Status ongoing
Type/genre Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Dark Sci-Fi
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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A New Dimension, A New Threat is a story written by ZeroChill.  It is a story in the "Wayverse" that takes place in an Alternate Universe version of Equestria, where the level of technology used by the Equusians peaks into a futuristic level.


A breakthrough in science appeared in Opelucid City's laboratory, allowing one to see beyond the dimensions of their own. However, Arceus's exodus brought forth disaster to the group of scientists and their Pokemon. Mono and Lith Samers, twin scientists affiliated with this lab, find themselves in a completely different world as Pokemon themselves. Amidst a war-torn land, they must find all of their allies and fight off the wrath of the genocidal Van'Goth.


From the Pokemon World

  • Mono Samers: An 18 year-old scientist from Opelucid City.  Prior to the declaration of Arceus's exodus, he lived and studied underneath his surrogate father Professor Pasque and his twin sister Lith Samers.  After witnessing a brutal murder at the age of six and the death of his parents two years later, he secluded himself from others as often as possible.  His Pokemon form is that of a Meowstic (Male).  His known moves are Psychic, Double Team, Reflect and an original move known as Psycho Heal.
  • Lith Samers: An 18 year-old scientist from Opelucid City.  Prior to the declaration of Arceus's exodus, she lived and studied underneath her surrogate father Professor Pasque and her twin brother Mono Samers.  Her brother and she lived happily with their parents before they died in a car accident, an incident that she blames herself for due to her perceived negligence through her life.  Her Pokemon form is that of a Meowstic (Female).  Her known moves are Psychic, Charge Beam, Signal Beam and an original move known as Psycho Fire

To be continued

From Equus

  • Spitfire: A 42 year-old pegasus mare and operating commander of H.O.R.S.E.  Prior the Galactic War, she served under the Equestrian Army for forteen years.  She acts as a mentor to the younger operatives in the organization and is very skilled with cannons and photon swords.
  • Fluttershy: A 20 year-old pegasus mare who works as an environmental researcher for H.O.R.S.E.  Prior to the rescue of her life by the arrival of the Pokemon, she began working more closely with the them as the ambassador between the two factions.  A kind-hearted animal lover at heart, she hates the thought of violence.  Even then, she understands that fighting is an essential part of survival.  She is skilled with a rifle and has access to healing properties.

To be continued


  • Giacomo: A powerful warrior of the Van'Goth faction, Giacomo is a crazed assassin with access to magic.  Wielding a scythe and guns that run on shadow magic, none could rival his destructive tendencies.  He is in possession of vulgar language and obsession over finding his targets.
  • Wilhelm: A sadist scientist and head of the technological division of the Van'Goth.  Despite his demure appearance, he is deadly in combat and loves seeing his opponents writhe in pain.
  • Goetia: A high-class pilot of the Van'Goth faction, Goetia often raids the city of Neo Canterlot.  With a thirst for violence that matches what she perceives to be her own beauty, she will gladly tear apart her foes.


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