A New World, A New Conflict

Writer(s) Evowizard25
Date published August 25th, 2014
Words 108,354
Status ongoing
Type/genre Dark Comedy Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe
Featuring Lighting Dust and Princess Luna
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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A New World, A New Conflict is written by Evowizard25, it takes place in the Zebra Kingdom and features an Enigmatic Seviper named Commander Sev, Lighting Dust and the county's ruler King Trotankhamun who are dealing with an ancient villainous species called the Thirst.


Snakes are beings of cunning and wit. Seviper, or Commander Sev of the PLA, is no exception. His cunning mind has been at work, plotting and scheming to strike back at the human oppressors.

And he would have too, if he didn't find himself and his army scattered about in a foreign world. And what's worse. There are no more humans to fight.... Guess he'll have to help the ponies, or something to keep his mind off of things.