A New World, a Fearful Way
Fim fic cover by votederpycausemufins-d7zs70n

Writer(s) Votederpycausemufins
Date published September 2nd, 2014
Words 104,765
Status ongoing
Type/genre Dark Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Featuring Changlings
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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Premise Edit

Lea used to live a nice life with her family of pokemon. When Arceus was released, she and her family were split up in a world of rainbow ponyta and Lea found herself and umbreon. Then, there's the problem of where she ended up.

As Lea tries to find her family, she constantly is being sought after by two criminal ponies. But when there's bad there's also good. The town is coming together to help, along with a strange outsider as well...

Sequel to A New World, a New Story.

Characters Edit

Main Characters (in order of appearance) Edit