A New World, a New Ranger

Writer(s) ed2481
Date published August 30, 2014
Words 196,118
Status ongoing
Type/genre Sex Gore Romance Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Featuring Lyra
Part of A New World, a New Way universe
Based on Pokemon
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A New World, a New Ranger is written by ed2481, it features Lyra, a Former Pokemon Ranger named Abby Trombly and her Arcanine, Kasai.


Abby Trombly is a Pokemon Ranger, well, to be more specific, she’s one of the best Pokemon Rangers in the Corps. Black Market Rarecandy operations, Slowpoke Tail selling, underground fighting rings, she’s seen it all and dealt with it using both the skills of herself, and her Pokemon. However, Abby has a secret. For years now she and her partner Arcanine Kasai have been much closer then regulations would ever allow.

Now upon being thrust into a new world, with a new, much fluffier body, Abby and Kasai are going to have to find a way to continue their old work while coming to grips with a new type of challenge entirely.