A New World, a New Way

Writer(s) Zeusdemigod131
Date published Jan 5th, 2014
Words 398,786
Status Completed
Type/genre Romance, Crossover, Adventure, Human, Alternate Universe
Featuring Mane Six, Discord,Princess Luna, Princess Celestia
Part of A New world, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
Show connection Pre-season 4 finale
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A New World, a New Way is an ongoing story by Zeusdemigod131. The story is set in Equestria where Arceus has, in a act of desperation, teleported all Pokemon from Earth to Equus in order to keep them out of the hands of humans who would abuse their power. The story has since gained its own mini fanbase with several other authors also writing side stories set in the same universe.


The story centers around the general MLP cast, along with former humans turned Pokemon, whom Arceus found worthy of being teleported. The main conflict is whether or not the Pokemon can stay in Equus.


Main characters

  • Gene: A former human turned Gallade he and his Gardevoir Belle were persecuted on Earth for being in a Pokémon/human relationship which was illegal. He is generally a good person but will become irritated when people question his relation ship with Belle. He also holds a deep resentment towards his mother who apparently called the police on him when he told her he was marring his Pokémon. He and Belle are finally married during the world summit.
  • Belle: A Gardevoir and Gene's main Pokémon. She loves Gene very much and is very protective of him and generally threatens anyone who ties to attack them, verbally or physically. However she gets very sensitive when others attack or insult her relationship with Gene.
  • Arceus: The creator god of all Pokémon and the leader of the legendary council. Arceus generally has a big ego believing that because he is a god he can do anything he wants, however he is very protective of his legendary family and other Pokémon in general. Unfortunately, being imprisoned for millennia has given him little interaction and social manners, it is this mindset that allowed him to teleport all the Pokémon on Earth to Equss without contacting Equss' world leaders first.
  • Korrina: A former gym leader of Kalos turned Lucario, she is very upset at being teleported and turned into a Pokémon without consent and wishes to become human again and return home. However her growing feelings for her Lucario have begun to conflict with that wish.
  • Misty: The former gym leader of Cerulean City, now a Vaporeon, she shares Korrina's desire to be human again.
  • Professor Juniper: The former professor of the Unova region, who was turned into a Beheeyem. She has become good friends with Twilight, helping her to understand Pokémon better.

Secondary characters

  • Darkrai: The Pitch Black Pokémon and member of the legendary council, Darkrai was born with little to no control over his nightmare powers which led him to and unintended fight with Princess Luna. after which Luna took Darkrai as her student in order to help him control his powers.
  • Zygarde: The Order Pokémon, his can control and manipulate order, it was his cleansing of the Everfree forest of its chaotic energy that led him into conflict with Discord, which ended with Zygarde being put in 'time out'.
  • Mew: The New Species Pokémon and daughter of Arceus, she can create lifeforms with but a though.
  • Mewtwo: The Genetic Pokémon clone from Mew, he holds a deep hatred towards humanity.
  • Biochem: An Earth pony professor from Celestia's school she has taken a great interest in Pokémon but is not allowed to conduct experiments on them.
  • Keldeo: The Colt Pokémon and a member of the Swords of Justice, he has a crush on Rarity.
  • Hoopa: The Mischief Pokémon, she takes part in pranks with Discord and Pinkie Pie.
  • May: A Pokemon Coordinator from Hoenn who has been turned into a Delphox. Her stance on being a Pokemon was relatively neutral at first, but her growing feelings for her Blaziken have started to shift that.
  • Ash Ketchum: The main character of the Pokemon Anime, now a Pikachu. So far he seems to be quite alright with being a Pokemon, and has been shown to be able to fight alongside them with relative ease.