New World, New Bonds

Writer(s) Rhino, EnigmaMystere, and RLYoshi
Date published September 23rd, 2014
Words 56,503
Status ongoing
Type/genre Comedy Crossover Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Part of A New World, a New Way Universe
Based on Pokemon
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When Arceus decided to migrate all Pokemon and good humans to Equestria, even the other legendaries had some concerns as to whether this was wholly thought out. Nevertheless, the Pokemon are here in Equestria, and now all must deal with this. The sleepy town of Hollow Shades is about to get a wake up call as powerful, varied, and mysterious creatures suddenly appear overnight.

Join a young Riolu now separated from his family in a world he knows nothing about, a former human and now Froakie who has gone from a young adult with only a single trusted partner Pokemon to a one foot tall frog, and finally another human turned into Honedge whose new lack of limbs or face make it all the easier to keep his past to himself.

Together they must come to terms with the hand they were dealt by the Pokemon god, trying to find their way in a place far from home.