The City is Always Bustling On the Other Side
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Writer(s) Smashing Shunk53
Date published March 15th, 2014
Words 9,509
Status Complete
Type/genre Crossover,Slice of Life
Featuring Vinyl Scratch, Octavia
Part of A New World, a New Way universe
Based on Pokemon
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The City is Always Bustling On the Other Side  is a story by Smashing Shunk53 which centers around a former human turned Zoroark named Nick and his two Pokémon Terra the Mawlie and Elena his Lucario, pony characters include Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. The entire cast of both stories where feature in chapters 29-35 of A New World, a New Way and during the world summit arc.


Arceus knew that many of his pokemon would be able to live more freely on Equus, but even gods can make mistakes. When a human is separated from his pokemon in a strange world, he finds himself at a loss with the realization that he is no longer human, or anywhere close to it. With the help of a rather helpful duo of friends will he be able to make sense of it all? Will he be able to find his pokemon again? And why is it so much fun messing with the ponies using illusions?